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08. Applying for a domain name

    1. To apply for a domain name, you must:
      1. complete our application form;
      2. agree to these terms;
      3. submit the registration fee; and
      4. satisfy any other requirements we notify to you.
    2. Application does not assure you of a domain name, even if a preliminary search indicates that the domain name is available for registration.
    3. Your application is successful if and only if:
      1. you have paid the registration fee, and your payment has been honoured;
      2. your application complies with the requirements and policies of the applicable registry operator;
      3. the applicable registry operator approves your application and permits the registration; and
      4. we have notified you in writing that your application has been finally approved -

but subject to those requirements, the period of your domain name licence is taken to commence on the date you applied for it.

    1. You acknowledge that registry operators reserve arbitrary rights to reject registrations at any time. You must not assume that your application will be successful, or take any step or spend any money on the assumption that it will be.

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