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14. Member to member transfer

    1. A member to member transfer must comply with this clause.
    2. Transferor and transferee must both be current members.
    3. The transferor must initiate the transfer process.
    4. The parties must use our online transfer system and comply with our such procedure as we specify.
    5. The transfer is subject to and must comply with such procedure as we specify.
    6. The transferor must pay any outstanding fees they owe us.
    7. The transferor relinquishes their registration of the domain name after the transfer.
    8. The transferor releases us from any claims arising under or in relation to this agreement and / or their domain name registration and / or its transfer as soon as the transfer is effected.
    9. The transferee must enter into a registration agreement with us, with a term of at least a year.
    10. The transferee must provide us with all the information required by the online transfer system, and our procedure and policy and warrants that it is complete and accurate.

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