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06. Registry requirements

    1. Each registry operator has its own terms and conditions, policies and requirements covering the registration, use and renewal of domain names and related matters like dispute resolution procedures and transfer procedures - 'registry requirements'.
    2. ICANN may also impose terms and conditions, policies and requirements on registry operators, us and / or registrants. Where such terms and conditions, policies and requirements are relevant to domain name applicants or registrants, they also count as 'registry requirements'.
    3. A new registry requirement, or an amendment of an existing one, takes effect as soon as the registry operator requires it to take effect (even if that is retrospective). That is beyond our control.
    4. Some registry requirements are set out in these terms. Others are cross-referenced. ICANN or a registry operator may have, or introduce, new ones.
    5. You apply for, and accept, registration for any domain name subject to all applicable registry requirements from time to time.
    6. You are responsible for familiarising yourself with all registry requirements, whether or not they are included or referenced in these terms.
    7. You release us from any claim arising out of registry requirements or anything that we do under them.
    8. Registry requirements are for the benefit of registry operators and us, not for the benefit of you or other registrants. You can never oblige us to enforce registry requirements against other people.

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