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10. Renewal of registration

    1. You may renew your registration of a domain name in accordance with these terms and registry requirements.
    2. You are responsible for renewing your registration, and if you fail to do so before the end of the licence term, the domain name may be available for registration by third parties.
    3. You release us from any claim arising out of your failure to renew registration.
    4. We may elect to send you a renewal notice as a courtesy, but:
      1. we are never obliged to do so; and
      2. you have no claim against us if we do not do so, or if our notice does not reach you.
      3. you do not have to renew your registration, or pay any fee indicated by the reminder notice, unless you choose to do so.
    5. If we send you a renewal notice, you may:
      1. choose to renew your registration - and that means you must pay the fee indicated; or
      2. let the registration lapse - and that means you need not pay the fee.

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