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23. Personal information

Our privacy statement is found in a sub menu of the Main Menu under Services.

    1. You must provide us with all the information we request in a 'compulsory' field of a service application. If you do not, we may not be able to provide the service.
    2. You:
      1. warrant that all information that you provide to us is complete, accurate and up to date; and
      2. must promptly notify us if any of it changes.
    3. It is a registry requirement that information submitted to a registry operator is true, accurate and that you keep it up to date.
    4. We may use any information that we hold about you as part of the normal registries and databases we produce for the purpose of running our service or our business.
    5. We may disclose any information that we hold about you to ICANN and / or a registry operator if they request it.
    6. We may disclose any information that we hold about you to a third party who helps us to operate our service or our business (e.g. outsourced service provider). We will not permit such a third party to use the information for any purpose that we may not use it for.

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