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03. Background

    1. We do not operate the domain name system, or grant licences for domain names. Those things are done by 'registry operators', who are independent of us and beyond our control.
    2. We are a domain name 'registrar'. That means:
      • We can arrange for domain name licences to be granted to you by various registry operators, subject to their rules and licence terms and the policies and requirements of .
      • We can carry out some limited functions on behalf of registry operators.
      • We can serve as a 'registrar of record' i.e. the intermediary between a domain name licensee and a registry operator, as recognised by the registry operator.
      • We can provide online facilities for you to administer your domain names.
      • We may also provide other, related services.
    1. This document contains the terms that apply between you and us when we provide our services as registrar.
    2. It also indicates the licence terms that are imposed by various registry operators and ICANN. A domain name licence that we arrange for you is subject to the licence terms and conditions of the registry operator who grants the licence and the requirements of ICANN.
    3. For as long as we are registrar of record for a domain name, there is a 'registration agreement' between us and its registrant on these terms.

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